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Water Ring Vacuum Pump Manufacturer

Water Ring Vacuum Pump Supplier in India

We are involved in offering genuine quality Water Ring Vacuum Pump. Here impeller is having definite number of Curved Blades that are attached eccentrically relative to the Pump Casing. When liquid or water is added into the Pump, due to the rapid motion of the impeller, it forms a ring concentric with the casing and as the impeller, it forms a ring concentric with the casing and as the impeller is eccentrically located relative to the casing, this forms as empty pocket between the inner surface of ring and hub of the impeller.

Water Ring Vacuum Pump in India

These pumps are available in varied models. The Industrial Vacuum Pump, Water Ring Vacuum Pump, Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump and Compressor run on different voltage readings and is resistant to voltage fluctuations. The Water Ring Compressors are composed of parts that work efficiently. Our products are suitable for Pharmaceutical, Food, Confectionery, Petro-chemicals,Vacuum Distillations Manufacturer, Textiles and plastic industries, Paper and sugar Mills, Cement, Metallurgical and furnaces, Refrigeration plants, Distilleries, Tiles and Ceramics industries etc.


  • Filtration
  • Distillation
  • Pvc Pipe Vacuum


  • Easy installation
  • Leakage resistance
  • Easy maintenance
  • High performance
  • Low noise
  • Corrosion resistance
  • Flexible outlet design
GWV 10 1.0 2880 10 1.2
GWV 20 2.0 2880 20 2.0
GWV 40 3.0 2880 53 4.0
GWV 70 5.0 2880 85 9.0
GWV 120 7.5 2880 125 13.0
GWV 150 7.5 1440 175 16.0
GWV 200 10.0 1440 225 20.0
GWV 300 15.0 1440 340 28.0
GWV 400 20.0 1440 450 35.0
GWV 500 25.0 980 525 45.0
GWV 600 30.0 980 730 55.0
GWV 1000 40.0 980 1100 85.0
GWV 1500 75.0 725 1725 120.0
GWV 2000 100.5 725 2200 150.0

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